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A real disaster for the state

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The closer the day of the election of the new president of Armenia, the more bizarre are the actions of the incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan. It came to the point that Sargsyan decided to form a personal "cooperative" National Security Council for himself, which will include neither the future president of the country, nor the speaker of the National Assembly. At the same time, this structure will be given great powers in making the most important decisions. That is, in the system of state administration anti-constitutional, practically, shadow links are planned, access to which is strictly limited for leading figures: only the future prime minister can rule there. Apparently, the country will see even more bizarre decisions of the outgoing president. This is evidenced by Sargsyan's intentions to legitimize the closed nature of government meetings, etc. In the country, no one doubts that on the political stage there is a rapid process of "change of scenery and actors" designed to preserve the immutability of the existing political status quo.

The question arises: what does Serzh Sargsyan expect by going on such blatant adventures? In a country where the law does not operate, it is naive to rely on legalizing lawlessness. If the slightest disagreement arises in the camp of power, these "legalized lawlessness" will simply burst. Citizens of Armenia throughout the entire existence of independent Armenia have more than once seen the heads of high-ranking officials, who imagine themselves as irreplaceable super figures, cut off. At present, there is no reason to believe that new guarantees have appeared in the political system for the implementation of the plans of eternal power. But, apparently, Sargsyan sees such guarantees in one important circumstance: in the atmosphere of universal conciliation established in the country. He has grounds for this. A corps of compromisers has been formed for a long time, amicably praising and supporting any body movement of any idol, capable of providing this corpus with strong foundations of personal well-being. It would be a mistake to assume that, without reliance on this corps, Serzh Sargsyan could play his cynical performance called "Transition to a parliamentary form of government." Sometimes it is asserted that an atmosphere of unprincipledness has been established in the country. But this is not convincing - societies can not live without an idea. The idea in politics is a very capacious concept. Universal conviction or belief in something unshakable can also become ideas.

In this sense, the processes occurring in the country are completely banal. Objectively or purposefully, in Armenia, as in many other countries, political realities have been formed, based on the universal belief in the inviolability of the method of rendering dirty services to any one in power. Services, which provide guaranteed opportunities for personal well-being. At least, the universal indifference to any lawlessness of the powers and the willingness to justify and support such lawlessness testifies to some conscious behavior of thousands of people. To serve in order to receive is the moral of these people.

This practice has been thoroughly investigated. The inclination to this method of arranging personal life narrows down the world of mankind to only one line of relationships – which, in political science, is oftentimes described as "patron-client" relationships. One shows complete indifference to everything that is happening. The person is interested only in those processes where there is the possibility of rendering dirty services to a particular person. Usually, such services are reduced to the justification and support of the lawlessness of the empowered figure (patron) on some terms. Thus, each person entered into the "condition" (the client) is given a functional niche. This system of mutual services is based on three deep feelings of a person: indifference, fear and temptation. It ensures the smooth operation of the mechanisms of transactions, blackmail and bribery both within the pyramid and throughout the society. At the same time, these feelings are constantly deepened through the practice of instilling in society the idea of a person's helplessness over realities.

It is possible to describe in more detail this humiliating form of human relationships. But also the cursory analysis made allows us to understand how dangerous such a practice of forming a system of public administration for Armenia is. The structured corps of the Compromisers is a real disaster for the people and the country. Moreover, the country has long been given to international businessmen, and the person who has done so only wishes to remain in the status (or at least, in the image) of the patron, hoping that all potential customers will agree with this. The whole corpus, of course, will agree.


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