Friday, 22 September 2023

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A huge mistake that could become the beginning of the end of Armenia

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The world and our region are facing crucial changes. The old world order is collapsing with startling speed, against a background of wars, global economic struggle, seeking new routes and suspending old communications. It is no coincidence that the situation in the region is comparable to the events of the First World War. The South Caucasus has become one of the arenas for global geopolitical competition.

In parallel, there is competition underway in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, the Pacific basin, South America and Europe, where it has taken the form of a bloody confrontation. Blood has been shed in our region as well, and the war of September 2020 is not over yet, it is proceeding in stages, the end of which is not in sight.

Let's try to focus on the shift taking place in our region and understand what issues are being solved by regional powers and what by global players.

No doubt Turkey, Russia and Iran have many geopolitical disagreements, they have even waged terrible wars against each other over the centuries, but there is one issue on which they have always united - never allow the West to enter their " own backyards" - the South Caucasus. Another problem of Russia and Turkey is to jointly control the Black Sea. It is a strategic goal for them, arising from their national security challenges.

As it was at the beginning of the 20th century, now too, represented by Great Britain, France, the USA, whose task is to separate Iran and Russia from each other, the West is rushing into our region, using the Turkic world as a tool. However, Turkey, competing with Russia and Iran, still hinders the direct penetration of the West into the Caucasus.

We witnessed how it was done back in 1920. At that time in the Republic of Armenia they thought that the West would solve the problems in our region. However, it was a big mistake, which cost us dearly. Today, there is an attempt to repeat the same mistake, which could be the beginning of the end of the Republic of Armenia. The lesson of Ukraine should be learned well. We do not have the resources of Ukraine to cherish the hope of preserving at least half of Armenia.

Thus, the West wants to antagonize us with Iran and Russia without giving any guarantee of security. Moreover, Turkey and Azerbaijan get a good opportunity to achieve their goal, which they will try to use against us, showing Iran and Russia the dangerous inadequacy of Armenia as a foreign body in the region.

In other words, an attempt will be made - and this is visible - to use and sacrifice us for the sake of their imperial interests and far-reaching goals, in which we naturally have no place.

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