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Great history is created in small Artsakh

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More and more people are talking about the possible outbreak of World War III (WWIII), some even think it has already erupted but is escalating in a unique pace. The world is being changed, so are the methods used to wage war.

If in the 20th century by saying Europe most likely “the world” was meant, implying that the rest was technologically backward “third world,” which mainly served as an object for European countries’ colonial goals, it is completely different now. Southeastern Asia, especially China, is developing and becoming stronger. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s words on the necessity to get ready for war during his meeting with the military presently seem to be out of date.

War in Artsakh is already a reality and it is rapidly expanding all around. Iran and Russia are getting involved in the conflict, while Turkey has already been engaged, the countries of the region are concerned, the involvement of Islamic extremists is aggravating the situation, giving it a different meaning, and a new wave of terrorism is rising in Europe. They all are integral parts of a large knot.

It is becoming apparent that the conventional WWIII will take place in the Middle East, and coalitions of states are outlined. American historian and political scientist Samuel P. Huntington seemed right to provoke great debate about the clash of civilizations.

If during the WWII the world was threatened by National Socialism, now the danger comes from Islamic extremists, who, previously represented by various organizations, now are embodied by Turkey, a state with two "isms" in its arsenal - Islamism and Turanism. Both pose serious challenges for the world. The root of the key threats lies in the perilous ideologies. Today, the leading country that adopted such ideology is Turkey, and the person that cherished the ambitions of the new Führer is Erdogan. To be exact, both are evident.

During the WWI and WWIIs, on the eve of the war, coalitions were formed and the key target country that posed a cultural and ideological threat to world order was chosen.
It is also noteworthy that even the cliches of the WWII began to revive.

We were involved into that confrontation, and Artsakh involuntarily found itself in the focus of geopolitical turmoil. Great history is created in small Artsakh. Unfortunately, it is paying a heavy price.

It is obvious, however, that we will be in the coalition of the winning countries, all we need is be able to resist and endure until then.

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