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Government of National Accord

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“Government of National Accord” (GNA) is an interim governance model accepted in world practice. Such governments are, as a rule, established in emergency situations, when there is an acute need to take urgent measures and make quick decisions.

Governments have to take such measures during natural and man-made disasters, wars and post-war periods. Though they are provisional, both the measures taken in the emergency situation and the established GNAs might be crucial. Such governments are also established at times when it is impossible to hold new elections and establish governments in a natural way. As it has been mentioned, it is a temporary tool, which should be reliable for the public and should be established as operatively as possible.

It is important that the GNAs  include professionals with flexible thinking and innovative skills, who are not driven by partisan parochial interests, are conscious of the seriousness of the present situation and ready to carry the heavy burden of responsibility on their shoulders.

Unfortunately, against this backdrop the government of Armenia, defeated in the war, and the parliament, which is its power base, no longer enjoy public trust, and mark launch of the parade of resignations of military and state figures, as a result of which government system collapsed.

The moment is crucial, and everyone should understand that to be in the government today means to undertake a commitment which implies severe responsibility in case of failure, and laurels of national gratitude making history in case of success..

During the 30 years of our independence, we failed to form established governments that enjoy public trust. not only due to those governments, but also the political parties fighting for power, which have distorted the public environment and failed to manifest state thinking and establish stable institutions. Of course, the public also has its share of guilt, which often followed simple instincts and gave in to the temptation of false propaganda.

Now we all share the responsibility for the failures in war and their grave consequences. If we are to briefly describe the pre-war situation in the country, we must honestly confess that by and large none of us was in their proper place, neither the government with all its branches, nor the opposition, parliamentary and extra-parliamentary, nor the public, civil society with its structures and failed institutions.

The time has come to change, if possible to sober up, and it is still a big question whether we can do it or not. And, in general, is there at least one common cause that can consolidate us?

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