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Where there is no law, there is no state

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It is said, success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. It could be added that defeat is not only an orphan, but it is also unprotected.  Therefore, a whole series of "conspiracy theories" could be created about the reasons for defeat. Let us try to find our share of responsibility, having absolutely no ambition to deny"conspiracy theories," especially in this case when the great powers of the world "hunt" for their geopolitical interests around the small Artsakh.

The incumbent authorities try to justify themselves, inspiring people that Artsakh’s defeat had been planned by geopolitical actors long ago, and the former authorities had been aware of it and, moreover,  had consciously burdened them with a heavy legacy. Some of the torchbearers of the revolution  inspired the people; the other, smaller part who found themselves in 2018 at the control panel of state governance but had no idea  about governance and international politics, tried to justify themselves with "conspiracy theories."

The representatives of the former authorities consider the incumbent authorities and the revolution-inspired crowd responsible for the defeat, in many cases not without justification, showing numerous mistakes of the incumbent authorities that led to defeat. These mistakes have been pointed out several times and there is no need to repeat them.

A number of  so-called intellectuals who take to the streets today try to justify that they were deceived by the "revolutionaries", in fact most of them were ready to be used and were used. Only the most sincere ask for the people's forgiveness.

However, the problem is not to give the final answers to all these issues. History will probably do that, which unfortunately was not done for our previous failures, and now we have what we have. If we had given adequate assessments to the activity of the previous system, we would have a completely different picture now.

The problem is more profound. Let us try to find more general assessments that do not point to specific people responsible for the defeat but reveal the extent of our common guilt and, consequently, our share of responsibility. We have always had national consciousness, but we have not had state consciousness, not at the moment, neither before 2018, nor after 2018. There is no state consciousness especially now, when we suffer from a general national depression.

State and Law are synonyms, Law and Responsibility are intertwined concepts. The incumbent authorities have committed countless illegal acts "on behalf of the people." Let us remember, at least, blocking the access to courts, the Prime Minister’s hate speech on "the dog-like  whining ", etc., Illegal instructions "lowered" to the law enforcement system. unconstitutional actions around the Constitutional Court, adoption of laws "On Property Tax", "On Confiscation of Property of Illegal Origin" and other anti-popular laws.

Such examples are numerous. But the most astonishing thing was the indifference of the society towards all that. Moreover, people, including those who consider themselves intellectuals, human rights activists, public figures, applauded the obvious illegalities and legal arbitrariness. These are vivid examples of the lack of state thinking.

Let us repeat, where there is no law, there is no state. where there are no law and state, there is no responsibility.

Modern wars require high qualities of governance, flawless and uninterrupted work of the state units and high public consciousness.

Their absence is one of the main reasons for our defeat, and the rest are the consequences, including the "conspiracy theory", the possible existence of which we do not deny.

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