Tuesday, 19 January 2021

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Azerbaijani Aggression: Time Take a Stand

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The Armenian Center for National and International Studies has condemned Azerbaijan's most recent aggression all along Armenia's northeastern frontier.

Beginning on July 12 and continuing all day today, Baku's war-mongering rhetoric has been put into action, with attempted incursions into Armenian territory and the continual deadly bombardment of civilian centers in the town of Berd and a string of villages from Chinari to Movses.

These unprovoked attacks upon Armenia's citizenry and territorial integrity must be unequivocally condemned―and Azerbaijan sanctioned―by the world community, including the European Union, OSCE, UN, CSTO, and NATO.  Refusing to depart from positions of false neutrality will serve only to exacerbate tensions and deepen the conflict.

In expressing its solidarity with Armenia's defenders and the peaceful inhabitants of the border region, ACNIS calls on its global partners, including  leading think tanks and institutions of conscience, to take a firm stand against Ilham Aliev's latest aggression, finding him and his administration fully liable for this most recent threat to the region's security and strategic balance.

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