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Will the new parliament be viable?

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Snap parliamentary elections will be held in early December, but almost everyone understands that Armenia is not ready for these elections.

After the change of power in April, the political system was paralyzed, and the political field was destroyed. The fact that this time the elections will be held without fraud, changes the whole logic of the elections and the generation of power. If earlier, those who provided finances and local authorities were included in the party lists to ensure the necessary number of votes and resources, then in new circumstances only the influence on society is decisive. Parties must be able to convince people to go to the polls and vote for them. This is a fundamental difference from the previous elections, for which the acting parties are mostly not ready.

The main ideology of pre-April political events was the “change of power”, and the political field was divided between “evil” and “good”. After the change of power, public sentiment has changed: People want to hear more serious conversations, program points and proposals of ideological values. This implies new political processes and new logic.

The vocation of the parties is to be an intermediary between the government and the public, that is, to provide communication, train personnel for management circles and represent the perception of a certain segment of society regarding the future of the country.

These are important functions for which parties are called upon to exist.

There are already forecasts about the results of the parliamentary elections in December, which are not so diverse. The Civil Contract Party, which carried out the change of power, wins the elections, and two more parties get the role of the opposition. It is difficult to say how interesting it will be for voters to follow the work of such a parliament, but the fact that such a parliament is not considered viable for many is a serious problem.

The role of parliament is also to be a public discussion platform. When this platform does not exist, the processes occur on other platforms, and this is already fraught with negative phenomena.

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