Thursday, 21 September 2023

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Elephants and mice

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It is already clear to everyone that there is a war waged between Russia and the USA in Ukraine, which can stop when the parties come to an agreement. There are different opinions about what the terms of agreement should be, but it is unequivocal that the main issue here is not the problem of Ukraine. It has a moral but not a substantive significance for the West.

Politics and morality are incompatible concepts. In the matter of Ukraine, the West needs such an agreement that will allow it to save "face", but without humiliating Russia, which may push the latter to extreme measures. It is no secret that if Ukraine is deprived of military and material aid for just one week, its capitulation is guaranteed and, accordingly, it must obey the "sentence" imposed by the US.  Now the main problem is how to find solution to carry out that "sentence."

This refers to big politics. Nonetheless now we are more concerned how this great global competition can affect the situation in Armenia. It seems obvious that when elephants fight, mice must stay out of the fight to avoid being crushed. However, it appears that not all the "mice" understand this.

There are media and expert circles in Armenia that have become parties to this great competition and imagine themselves as important participants in favor of one party or the other. However, there is no benefit from those people. Moreover, they willy-nilly distort the reality and create misconceptions among the public about global geopolitical processes.

As a result, the public is instilled with false hopes and fears. A question may arise. What is the meaning or the reason of the government propaganda and expert circles? Let's answer at once. They are based on the logic of dividing the society into "black and white", which is an inseparable part of the incumbent government's worldview. When they came to power in 2018, they divided the society into sections, and now they act the next episode of the scenario. They try to project the same logic on the world: one part of the world is black, the other is white. And they try to find the root of their failures in those "black-white" contradictions. This is a trick for self-justification.

The incumbent authorities failed the domestic policy from the very beginning and were unable to create anything, leaving behind deaths, destruction and defeats. Accordingly, they blamed the former authorities for all those failures, by continuing their "black-white" division. Failing the foreign policy as well, they find new culprits
a/ in the face of Moscow, that could not put pressure on Azerbaijan not to include the Artsakh issue in the so-called peace treaty,
b/ in the face of the CSTO, that Armenia is losing territories and is not trying to organize effective resistance, to declare martial law, and
c/ in the face of the world that does not come to our aid.

According to them everyone is guilty except the government of the Republic of Armenia. Everything turns out the way like in the infamous joke about testicles hindering a bad dancer. Only, this time it is Moscow in one case, the CSTO, in another case, and the world in the third case that play the role of testicles obstructing the "bad dancer."

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