Thursday, 04 March 2021

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Period of uncertainty

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The “old world” has collapsed with its parties and the press. Society has lost its axis of orientation, and new ones are not created yet. The pro-Westerners became pro-Northerners, human rights advocates welcome crimes, supporters of “decent” reconciliation with Azerbaijan turned into hawks, the “right” and “left” mixed up the arrows of the compass. Yesterday's heroes turned into antiheroes, and the pedestal of heroes of our time is still empty.

Those who dominated the thoughts and hearts of people, dictated political discourse, inspired or disappointed people, are silent or, more precisely, they speak, but no one listens to them anymore. Hope and despair have become inseparable friends.

Such directions of social and political life are characterized as periods of Uncertainty. Uncertainty is the end of something and the beginning of something else. This is a dividing line between two realities, which must be quickly traversed, but in order to do this, you need to have an orientation so that the step is taken in the right direction.

The April events of this year were a partition. In the physical sense, society has made its step and rejected the old, but to create the new, it is necessary to rethink the past, give it an assessment and comprehend the future in order to understand what we are building.

Armenia’s relations with the North and the West are changing, but it is still unclear what exactly is changing and what will these changes lead us to?

Important events take place in Armenia every day. The perception of Armenia by the world has changed. Expectations from Armenia are great, and bloodless changes have become an excellent lesson for all. Many countries are waiting for the next steps, and these steps may be exemplary for societies of authoritarian countries.

During the revolution, new slogans, new ideas are born, new relationships are formed. It was a deliberate choice, during which the analysis of the events around us and the events that happened to us was simple, but, following the press of Armenia, listening to new politicians, we see that these estimates are missing.

This step was taken, and Serzh was rejected, but the next step did not follow, and the world around us does not understand how to be with us.

In this sense, the main document of the new government should be not just another program of the executive branch, but a resolution to overcome uncertainty. Perhaps, then the direction and goals of the country's development will become clear, and we will be able to assess the rapidly developing events around us. In the same way, our foreign partners will be able to evaluate us.

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