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The defeat and the failure of political thought

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It is hard to find any nation in world history that has not experienced the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat. It is the politicians and the statesmen who win and lose. When they are defeated they are punished. And the peoples come to respective conclusions and change their thinking and demeanor based on them. And, most importantly, inefficient state institutions are reorganized in line with the demands of the time, adopting modern means of governance. Otherwise, continuous defeats may be devastating.

Euphoria of victory in the 90s of the last century has turned into hysteria caused by defeat, however our political community failed to conduct logical cause-and-effect analysis of what had happened. Neither did it conduct during the euphoria of victory. If the nation is unable to make sober assessments and come to sober conclusions it is pointless to speak about political solutions.

First, no matter how hard it is, we must admit that our defeat was rightful since we were well aware that Azerbaijan was openly armed and conducted joint military exercises with Turkish armed forces and at the same time it threatened us with war. However, our state institutions failed to adequately respond or arrogantly ignored, rather than taking preventive political and military actions.

Therefore, without fear of making the slightest mistake, we can state that it was not the Armenian people, especially our brave soldiers who suffered a defeat but the Armenian state. More precisely, this happened as a result of the failure of Armenian political thought. The "revolution" of 2018 and, in particular, the illogical, sometimes contradictory steps taken by the "Prime Minister of the people", which have been acceptable by a wider range of society, are the obvious indication of the above mentioned occurrence - lack of political thought.

Drawing conclusions from defeat also supposes the existence of a political thought. International politics is a struggle of predators, where they do not spare the losers, but compete with the winners.
That is, winners are valued.

So the time has come to draw conclusions and to learn from what happened, However, even at this cruel hour in the political field, the struggle is not for the salvation and resumption of the country, but again for the sake of power. This refers to both the current government and the opposition parties.

It is obvious that the ruling group which lead the country to defeat and has manifested incapability in all respects must resign. It is also obvious that the political players who have applied for power and national salvation are obliged to submit to the public a clear program and future, at least the composition of the interim government. There is no other way to gain the trust of the people.

The Russian proverb teaches: "Trust, but check!” We need to observe who are envisioned to be in the composition of the transition government and what priorities, schedule of actions and methodology of activities are forseen for that period.

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