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When everything divides and nothing unites

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Ever since 2018, there has been a lot of talk in Armenia about the fact that the society is divided and the dividing lines are increasingly deepening. that division has even intensified after the war. If those who came to power in 2018 assured of their commitment  to fight corruption and to create a just social society, they even do not have such rhetoric now. Neither are there people who believe in it. If formerly there was a division between “the old ones” and “the new ones,” now the division is between the two “old ones” with no new “new ones.” Neither is there public discourse to create something new.

Social networks and media monitoring shows that different social groups have become increasingly alien and irreconcilable to each other. This is hostility towards each other, and it is natural where there is no struggle for values there is no struggle for a political course. Convictions  "died away" after the war, however, the hostility remained by the force of inertia, becoming meaningless and unpromising and, therefore, more irreconcilable.

One of the most vivid examples of social divisions nowadays refers to the United States. It seems that the bloody civil war has risen from the pages of its 19th century history. American society seems to loose its landmarks. It seems that the global mission of spreading "American Dream" and "Freedom" around the world no longer subsists. After the presidential election, the mutual hatred was expected to calm down, but we see the opposite. When public landmarks are destroyed, only hostility, unpromising future and devaluation of values remain.

Political scientists, philosophers, researchers try to comprehend modern civilization and understand where we go, but by now political developments, in particular, struggle for power continue. Uncertainty reigns not only in our country but all over the world, in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

As for Armenia, in fact, nothing serious divides the Armenian society. In our country, as well as in other countries experiencing a crisis of values, the elite (if that word sounds pompous for many, taking into account the qualitative features of the "elite") or say political groups that have different interests, are divided.

These groups fight for possessing power and public resources. Each of them has its own truth, but these "truths" are exceptionally parochial, based on group interests, which cannot serve the public interest.

The Armenian society does not have such a deep and fatal division which is insurmountable. All the "lines" are artificial, and the "deep" reason is just the fight for the possession of "public property and resources." The main problem is the lack of adequate political discourse, which cannot exist in such conditions. Now everything divides us and nothing, even overcoming the consequences of the defeat in Artsakh, unites us.

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