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The moment of truth

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"Moment of sincerity", or interpreted differently as "moment of truth", is a cliché. The phrase derives from the Spanish, "el momento de la verdad", a bullfighting term for the point when it becomes clear who will win, the bull or the matador, the bullfighter. Later dictionaries trace its usage to that most famous of bullfighting aficionados, Ernest Hemingway and his  work of non-fiction “Death in the Afternoon”.

When interpreting into different languages, the phrase takes on different nuances close to the meaning. For example, it can also be interpreted in English as the "moment of silence" when the truth is already obvious and it makes no sense to argue and discuss. Then the English keep silence and ponder. Pondering implies reflection, contemplation. This is the moment when after revealing the truth they should try to understand the mistakes they made, their reasons, their own shortcomings of world-knowledge and draw conclusions. Making conclusion implies the guarantee of development,  this is how people differ from the animal world, artificial intelligence - from the living intellect.

However, after the war our socity could not keep silence and "reflect" over the following issues: why did it turn out like that, what was wrong, why did we interpret the world wrongly and what was wrong to entail  "what is to be done?" question? We blame other people, failing to find fault and responsibility with ourselves. In this case there is no "reflection", there are no fundamental questions and there are no changes in thinking and world cognition.

We were unable to understand that there is no Artsakh issue, but rather there is an issue of united Armenia. Artsakh and Syunik imply a big issue with a complete solution. We did not understand that in this world, might does not always make right. Sometimes the exact opposite happens: the right makes might. Our biggest mistake is our failure to recognize Artsakh’s independence, therefore everyone, especially the big players from abroad, reproach us.

We did not understand that each country has its function in the grand geopolitical chessboard, and In case of renunciation of its function, it is punished. We did not understand that we should not try to play as equal players in the games of the great powers. One must always clearly understand, formulate one's own interest and pursue it.

We did not understand it then and we do not understand it now because we do not feel that now is the moment of truth, "el momento de la verdad", and we must keep silence and ponder. Moreover, every word uttered must be very weighty and deeply considered.

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