Friday, 26 April 2019

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January 26 - February 2

Russia proposes decriminalising ‘unavoidable’ bribes

The Independent writes that bribery and other acts of corruption made under “exceptional circumstances” could be decriminalized, Russia’s Justice Ministry has suggested. As it has become known, anti-corruption plans signed by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin last June called for legislation to allow officials to escape prosecution for corruption under “force majeure”, or exceptional, circumstances.

The Moscow Times reports that the Justice Ministry has now drafted amendments to exempt officials from punishment when corruption is unavoidable.

According to NPR, the proposed rule says officials and public figures could be exempt if "objective circumstances" made it impossible for them to comply with corruption laws.

“In certain circumstances, complying with restrictions and bans... to prevent or settle conflicts of interests … is impossible for objective reasons,” the draft bill says.

Russia ranks among the world's most corrupt countries, with Transparency International's annual corruption perceptions index ranking it in 138th place this year out of 180 countries.


Prepared by Marina Muradyan

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