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February 16-23

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Putin Ratchets Up Nuclear Warning Against U.S.

The Wall Street Journal writes that President Vladimir Putin during his annual state of the nation address said Russia would target the U.S. with new advanced weapons if Washington deploys intermediate-range missiles in Europe, a threat that appeared aimed at holding the line but leaving open the possibility of negotiations after the breakdown of a nuclear treaty.

Putin emphasized that Russia will act only if the United States makes the first move, but his remarks were among the strongest yet on a potential new arms race after the countries’ mutual pullout from a Cold War-era nuclear weapons treaty, writes The Washington Post. Putin also warned that Russia would be “forced to create and deploy types of weapons” that can be used against nations that pose “direct threats.” And in a clear reference to the United States, Putin said the Russian missiles also could be trained on where “the centers of decision-making are located”, the Washington Post writes.

As The Independent reports, Putin proclaimed that the army had already taken delivery of the Avangard nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle. He also implied that the military would soon be taking delivery of a new hypersonic cruise missile called Zircon. The Poseidon underwater nuclear drone would appear in spring, Mr Putin said. After his speech, state-run television showed footage of the 80-foot-long drone, called Poseidon, being released underwater. He also added that a new laser weapon called Peresvet would become operational “by December.”


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